Why Join the Shongum Mountain Fire Company?
There are many reasons to join our great department; here we list just a small number:

1. Quality Training - You provide the commitment and we provide all of the training for free. From local and county training, to regional and national seminars and conferences - we offer you the opportunity to explore every avenue of emergency services and train you to be the best at what you want to do.

2. Peace of Mind - We recognize that firefighting and providing emergency services is an inherently dangerous business. That's why we take extra measures to protect our volunteers. A comprehensive Volunteer Firemen's Benefit program from the State of New Jersey, federal benefits, and extensive supplemental insurance supplied by the Randolph Township Fire Department provide financial security to you and your family should you be injured or fatally wounded in the line of duty. There are also programs in place to help shoulder the emotional burden of dealing with the unfortunate circumstances that we as emergency workers unfortunately deal with.
    Your experience as a volunteer firefighter provides an opportunity to serve your community, your neighbors, and your friends, at times when their lives and property are at risk. Your service is rewarding because you are helping when they need help the most. Words can not describe the overwhelming emotion one feels when a mother hugs in gratitude after you save her children.

3. Firefighter Banquets - As a member, you and your guest will enjoy these events held to recognize the past years accomplishments of the department and celebrate how special our volunteers are.

4. Dress Uniforms - Look professional and show your pride in your dress uniform as you march along side your brothers in the many parades throughout the year. These uniforms are free to any member in good standing, who has been with the department more than one year.

5. Social Events - Throughout the year we offer a variety of opportunities for you and your family to get to know the other members of your department in a relaxing atmosphere. This includes conventions and parades, parties and fun fund-raisers!

6. Fire Protection is also a very interesting field, applying advanced technologies and professional skills to help people when their lives and property are at stake. As a volunteer firefighter, you will learn about: the engineering of buildings and their protection systems, the operation of complex fire protection apparatus, the operation of advanced safety equipment, first response life support skills such as CPR, and leadership and teamwork under conditions of challenge and stress.

Additional Questions?
Additional questions regarding volunteering with Randolph Engine Co. #5, can be answered by stopping in at the firehouse on Arrow Place any Monday night after 7:30.

Facts about Volunteering

1. Volunteers comprise 73% of firefighters in the United States.

Of the total estimated 1,108,250 volunteer and paid firefighters across the country, 816,600 are volunteer.

2. Communities served by volunteer firefighters depend on them to be their first line of defense for many types of emergencies.

Volunteer firefighters are summoned to a wide array of emergencies across the country every day including fires, emergency medical incidents, terrorist events, natural disasters, hazardous materials incidents, water rescue emergencies, high-angle and confined space emergencies, and other general public service calls. The public relies on volunteers to be their first line of defense in these emergencies.

3. The majority of fire departments in the United States are volunteer.

Of the total 30,310 fire departments in the country, 21,900 are all volunteer; 4,886 are mostly volunteer; 1,480 are mostly career; and 2,044 are all career.

4. Services contributed by volunteer firefighters save localities across the country an estimated $37.2 billion per year.

5. The Randolph Township Fire Department provides Fire Protection and Specialized Rescue Services such as motor vehicle extrication and ice rescue response.

6. The Shongum Mountain Fire Company has a "junior firefighter" program where individuals under the age of 18 and above the age of 16 are allowed to be members of the department and receive training.

The idea is that once graduated from the junior firefighter program, members will become active members, with advanced certifications.