Shongum Mountain Fire Company History       Engine Company #5 was formed to provide fire protection for the Shongum Lake - West Hanover Ave. - east Sussex Tpk. region of Randolph Township, NJ. The nucleus of the Company consisted of residents of that area who were volunteer firemen in the Mt. Freedon Fire Company (Engine Company #3). These men formulated a basic plan for the implementation of Company #5 as an active fire-fighting unit in the Randolph Township Fire Department and submitted the plan, through the Township Fire Department, to Township authorities.

New fire station

With the approval of the Township Fire Dept. and authorities, Randolph Engine Co. No. 5 was legally incorporated under the laws of the State of New Jersey on October 26, 1970. Early in 1971, benefactors Bernie Goldman and Joe Pollina purchased a plot of land on the corner of Hanover Ave. and Foxwood Lane (Arrow Lane) and donated that land to Company #5 for the site of a new Fire House. Construction of the Fire House was begun in the spring of 1971 and by late September the truck room was ready to house apparatus. On October 4, 1971, Truck 632 from Engine Company #3 was transferred to Engine Company #5 and placed in the new Fire House. Truck 632 was a 1956 International Harvester equipped with a 750 gpm Hale pump and 1000 gallon tank.

By November, 1971 Engine Company #5 had a complement of 11 active members and the construction of the Fire House was essentially completed. In keeping with the traditions of the other Township Fire Companies, Engine Company #5 adopted a regional designation: the Shongum Mountain Fire Company.

The formal dedication of the Shongum Mountain Fire House took place on December 5, 1971. A wet down celebration for adjacent fire companies was held on December 10, 1971. Effective January 1, 1972 the Shongum Mountain Fire Company was considered to be fully operational as a fourth fire company in Randolph Township, NJ.

By March of 1972 the Company was operating off its own Plectron tone signals and the Truck designation was officially changed to Truck 651. In April, 1972 the Company acquired a 1941 International Harvester pumper from the Millbrook Fire Company. The truck was reconditioned by the members of Engine Co. #5 and put back in service as Truck 652.

New fire station